DSX50WZ: Spartan-3AN FPGA development board with Ethernet

Xilinx XC3S50AN + WIZnet W5300  =   small, fast, low power web server for only    $119   buy

Digital Shortcut Inc. DSX50WZ board combines Xilinx's XC3S50AN Spartan-3AN FPGA and WIZnet W5300 Hardwired Network Protocol Ethernet Controller. When your project calls for Ethernet interface it gives you a head start in your embedded project design process. This small factor board may be configured as a very efficient web server and still has most of the XC3S50 FPGA resources available for your application. Just imagine the possibilities of having an Internet Appliance with power consumption less then 1Watt and capable of effectively serving rich web pages with performance on par with "big" servers. Not to mention at the same time having ~33k gates available for your application. The W5300 Ethernet Controller makes complex task of TCP/IP packet processing and serving web pages no more difficult than working with UART. If you are starting a new project with FPGA connected to Ethernet, want to learn FPGA and PicoBlaze programming or just need a web server/network connection for your "older design" it is the perfect board for you.


Feature Description
FPGA Spartan-3 XC3S50AN from Xilinx
  • • 50k system gates, 1,584 Logic Cells, 1,408 CLB Flip-Flops
  • • 54k bits of Block RAM bits in 3 blocks
  • • 627k bits of User Flash
  • • 2 Digital Clock Managers
  • x50w53dia
    Ethernet W5300 from WIZnet
  • • Hardwired TCP/IP Protocols: TCP, UDP, ICMP, Ipv4,
       ARP, IGMPv2, PPPoE Ethernet
  • • 8 independent SOCKETs simultaneously
  • • Internal 128k bytes memory for RX /TX buffers
  • • Embedded 10BaseT/100BaseT Ethernet PHY
  • Miscellaneous
  • • 50.000 MHz clock generator with extremely low jitter, frequency
       resolution to six decimal places and stabilities +/- 20 PPM
  • • 1k bit UNI/O EEPROM for storing MAC and IP address
  • • MAX3232 RS232 driver
  • • 2 LEDs
  • • PicoBlaze soft processor core from Xilinx running with 100MHz clock
  • DSX50WZ
  • • Power Supply 3.5 - 6.0 VDC
  • • Power consumption under 1Watt
  • • On board high efficiency switching step down converter TPS65053
  • • W5300 power switchable under XC3S50 control
  • Connectors
  • • RJ45 Ethernet
  • • DSUB-9 for RS232
  • • 3 pin header for power supply
  • • optional three 24 pin headers/sockets (0.1 spacing)
  • • optional micro SD card connector
  • Only $119,   order it online


       Fast, Small, Low Power, Easy

  • • 3.7" x 1.5" (94 x 38 mm)
  • xmag Show high resolution picture
    Network Performance
  • 8.0 MByte/s measured when uploading 1 GB file using HTTP POST metod in 125 seconds.
  • 4.8 MByte/s measured when serving 1 GB file using HTTP GET metod in 208 seconds.
  • 62ms time to serve this page (request for 15 files, tx/rx 219 packets, Mozilla Firefox browser on Windows XP).
  • Unique for this board is that W5300, EEPROM, RS232 and SD card are connected to Bank 3 of FPGA leaving Bank 0, Bank 1 and Bank 2 available for user application. There are 53 pins routed to headers, most of them are routed as a differential pairs.

    Software examples

    This board is shipped preprogrammed with our demo web server software/hardware. Server runs on PicoBlaze microprocessor and is capable of serving selected pages of our web site including this one. Web pages in compressed format are stored in internal flash of Spartan3AN. One of the demo pages shows how to access FPGA logic using "XMLHttpRequest" function and java script. Demo comes as a complete working Xilinx ISE WebPACK 10.1 project with all sources and takes less than 33% of FPGA resources. We also included our "SiteBuilder" Tcl/Tk application for converting web pages into a format loadable into FPGA internal flash. Please go to our download page and grab "Software Package" for your board version.

    Development Environment

    Xilinx free ISE® WebPACK™ software is the ideal downloadable solution for FPGA and CPLD design offering HDL synthesis and simulation, implementation, device fitting, and JTAG programming all of it free. Xilinx has created a solution that allows convenient productivity by providing a design solution that is always up to date with error-free downloading and single file installation. You only need to buy a programming cable. For development we recommend "Platform Cable USB II". Please go to our Development Environment Setup Instructions page for details on install and configure all needed tools.

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