DS2148WZ: LPC2148 ARM7 development board with Ethernet

LPC2148 ARM7 + WIZnet W5300  =   small, fast, low power web server for only    $119     buy

Digital Shortcut Inc. DS2148WZ board combines NXP's LPC2148 ARM7 microcontroller and W5300 network chip by WIZnet Inc. When your project calls for Ethernet or USB interface it gives you a head start in your embedded project design process. This small factor board can be configured as a very efficient web server and still has most of the LPC2148 resources available for your application. The W5300 Ethernet Controller makes complex task of TCP/IP packet processing and serving web pages no more difficult than working with UART. Just imagine the possibilities of having internet appliance controlled by 1 Watt board capable of serving content of this very web site with performance on par with "real" servers and with advantage of having a hardware features like USB, PWM, UART, I2C, SPI, AD, DA available. If you are starting a new ARM project, or want to learn about ARM processor and Ethernet or just need a web server for your "coffee maker", it is the perfect board for you.


Feature Description
Processor LPC2148 from NXP
  • • 512kbytes Flash, 32kbytes + 8kbytes RAM
  • • USB 2.0 Controller, two UARTs
  • • Two I2C interfaces, two SPI interfaces
  • • Two 32-bit TIMERS, Watch Dog Timer, Low Power RTC
  • • Two 10bit ADCs (up to 14 channels), 10bit DAC
  • • PWM unit, Multilevel Interrupt System
  • • 40+ Fast General Purpose I/O pins (5V tolerant)
  • • ISP and IAP capabilities
  • r7w53b
    Ethernet W5300 from WIZnet
  • • Hardwired TCP/IP Protocols: TCP, UDP, ICMP, Ipv4,
       ARP, IGMPv2, PPPoE Ethernet
  • • 8 independent SOCKETs simultaneously
  • • Internal 128kbytes memory for RX /TX buffers
  • • Embedded 10BaseT/100BaseT Ethernet PHY
  • Miscellaneous
  • • 12.000 MHz crystal (60 MHz execution with PLL)
  • • 32.768 Hz crystal for RTC
  • • MAX3232 with NXP bootloader support (ISP)
  • • 8 kbit I2C E2PROM for storing non-volatile parameters
  • • manual reset button
  • DS2148WZ
  • • Power Supply 3.5 - 5.5 VDC or from USB port
  • • Power consumption under 1 Watt
  • • On board low-dropout 3.3V regulators TPS73733
  • • W5300 power switchable under LPC2148 control
  • Connectors
  • • RJ45 Ethernet with magnetics
  • • USB type B mini
  • • DSUB-9 for RS232
  • • 20 pin JTAG header
  • • optional two 24 pin headers/sockets
       with P0 signals (0.1 spacing)
  • • optional 2 pin header for external power supply
  • Only $119,   order it online


       Fast, Small, Low Power, Easy

  • • 3.7" x 1.5" (94 x 38 mm)
  • xmag Show high resolution picture
    Network Performance
  • 2.0 MByte/s measured when uploading 256MB file using HTTP POST metod in 127 seconds.
  • 2.4 MByte/s measured when serving 256MB file using HTTP GET metod in 107 seconds.
  • Unique for this board is that the interface between LPC2148 and W5300 uses only 11 pins of P1 port, leaving all IOs of P0 with associated peripherals and interrupts ready for your application. The clear advantage over most of “micro + ethernet controller" or "micro + PHY" is the “power” and resources of LPC2148-ARM7 available for activities not related to network data processing. W5300 has its own RAM for network buffers (128kB) and processes many network packet's without LPC2148 intervention. When serving pages host microprocessor has to decode "GET" and "POST" requests only.

    Software examples

  • HTTP web server is a standalone application occupying 15kB of Flash ( less that 3% of the flash space) and 2kB of RAM. Serving 100kB/ 12 files page keeps up with browsers and in case of Chrome takes only 60ms. One of the example pages shows how to interact with a browser using a combination of java script and PHP-like functionality..
  • LPC2148 Demo Application with FreeRTOS Kernel port from http://www.freertos.org/ integrated by John C. Wren http://jcwren.com/arm/. This project covers most of LPC2148 standard peripherals used as non-trivial interfaces to LCD Display, LM75 Temperature Sensor and GPS to name only a few. It is designed as a Real-Time System with several tasks running concurrently. John utilized open source solutions from Richard Barry (FreeRTOS), Adam Dunkels (uIP), Bertrik Sikken (LPCUSB) and others. The combined result (representing probably thousands of man-hours) is really impressive and the porting to our board is only click away from your computer. You are getting full sources with "makefiles" and "batches" for FREE, while commercial Embedded RTOS can cost even thousands of dollars. We didn't use all the features/modules from original demo for we concentrated on our Ethernet support, but most of the stuff and the "frame infrastructure" is there. We added our implementation of http web server running as a low priority task. The network packet processing consumes only a small fraction of CPU capacity so that other tasks may operate in real time with maximum latency of 1ms.
  • SiteBuilder a Tcl/Tk application for converting HTML files into hex file downloadable into LPC2148 flash.

  • Please go to our
    download page and grab "DS2148WZ Software Package" for your board version.

    Development Environment

    All software for DS2148WZ board was written in plain C, compiled with an excellent FREE open source GCC and programmed to LPC2148 by FREE Serial Flash Loader. Please go to our DS2148WZ Setup Instructions page for details on install and configure all needed tools.

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