Development Environment Setup for DSX50WZ

We are using mostly open source or free tools. The only tool you have to buy is Xilinx download cable. Our preferred is 'Platform Cable USB II” because of the “ChipScope”, but it is possible to use a clone of “Parallel Cable III” with a BOM of just $1 (two HC125 buffers). dir

DSX50WZ Software Package

Download Software Package compatibile with your hardware from our download page. We distribute our software as one zip file. Please “unzip” it into a directory of your choice. It is important that the directory tree to be preserved. If you chose C:\ as a directory then we will create a tree starting from C:\DigitalShortcut\ . Use Microsoft Windows command “subst” to substitute path as a virtual drive: subst S: C:\DigitalShortcut You will create virtual drive S: and all our settings and path definitions will be preserved. We recommend to insert the above line into a batch file located in: ~\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. Virtual drive S: will be created on every power up of your computer.


First download and install ISE WebPACK software from: http://www.xilinx.com/ise/logic_design_prod/webpack.htm
You need to open a Xilinx account and register. It is a really smart move to do because you get access to a vast amount of information; design examples, code and most important you get free design tools. Download size is rather large but the installation can run unattended.
Second download PicoBlaze for Extended Spartan3-A Family: http://www.xilinx.com/products/ipcenter/picoblaze-S3-V2-Pro.htm You will be asked to logon to your Xilinx acount again. The downloaded file name is KCPSM3.zip. Unzip it into S:\DSX50WZ\KCPSM.


We like Tcl/Tk.
Although Tcl 8.4.14 is included in ISE installation (10.1 and 11.1) there is no Tk so we recommend installing industry-standard Tcl distribution of ActiveTcl version 8.5 from http://www.activestate.com/activetcl/. It is free and easy to install. ActtiveTcl is necessary to run our "SiteBuilder" utility and our handy RS232 "Terminal" application used during debugging and communicating with PicoBlaze core.

WireShark – Network Analyzer

It is a must for all who play with the networks. It shows and analyzes network packets. Download it from http://www.wireshark.org/.
WireShark can capture and interpret packets on your LAN and probably will capture more than you need. Declare filter similar to: ip.addr == to filter some of them out.

Serial Port

Serial port present on DSX50WZ board is used to communicate with picoBlaze running inside Spartan3AN FPGA. Our Tcl scripts automatically select correct settings ("115200,n,8,1") on your PC. All you have to do is point out the correct com port number. The latest laptop computers typically don't have serial ports. The Solution is to use an USB-Serial Converter. If you are unsure about your serial ports please run Windows Device Manager. For your convenience we included in our S:\WebServer\Tcl folder a batch file “dm.bat” for starting Device Manager.

Network Configuration

The DSX50WZ board running our demo web server uses IEEE 820 MAC address derived from Spartan-3AN “device dna” formatted as “locally administered” (the most significant byte is forced to 02h ) and therefore shall be connected to your local LAN. Default network settings are:
IP Address: . .
Subnet Mask: . .
Default Gateway:
Server Port: . . 80

You can change these parameters from ISE Tcl console or from "Terminal", please refer to DSX50WZ User Manual for detailed instruction.

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