Consulting and Design Services

Digital Shortcut Inc. offers design and consulting services. Our team of engineers will tackle almost any project from modification of our products to complete turnkey systems. We have an extensive background with a plethora of microprocessors and FPGAs. Our collective expertise includes programming in assembly, C, C++ and in some scripting languages. We are proficient in VHDL and various CAD systems as well as in production management. We have a deep knowledge of various microprocessors families including 8051, 80186, 80196, Z8, TMS320, HPC, HPC+ and ARMs. We have designed using PALs, GALs, CPLDs and FPGAs. Digital Shortcut Inc. is a competent partner during the entire development process.
Our offer:
  • Adaptation of our own products.
    • Design of daughter boards for our modules with custom peripherals
    • Module conversions
    • Interfacing with client designs
    • Adding web server or Ethernet connectivity to client design
  • Implementation of Wireless Sensor Mesh Networks for Monitoring, Data Logging and Controls.
    • Scalable system from small (one sensor) to very complex
    • Wide variety of monitored physical phenomena (temperature, pressure, humidity, voltage, power etc)
    • Customized Synapse or ZigBee modules (FCC and CE cerified)
    • Ideal for industrial, lab, small business or home applications; no subscription fees
    • Internet accessible as a Web Page, no special software needed
    • Lively graphic data visualisation
    • Alarm broadcasting when monitored data is “out of range"
  • Redesign and upgrades of older designs.
    • Replace old microprocessors with ARM devices
    • Replace older parts with the newest Xilinx FPGA
    • RoHS compliance refitting
  • System Design
    • Developing from idea to specifications
    • Schematic and PCB design
    • Firmware and drivers design
    • Integration
  • Manufacturing
    • Rapid prototyping
    • Low volume production
By using Digital Shortcut expertise customers can achieve significant reduction in design costs compared to in-house development. We don't charge you for our study time. In most cases we are paid by the task.

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