LPCprog - Flash Programmer For LPC2xxx ARMs

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Have you ever wondered what is going on with the computers in your programming room? How much power they burn? How much it costs to update them and what other software they run? There are more questions: how many mp3 files the teenage son of your president implanted? Are you sure that all of your technicians know the difference between "upload" and "download"? We won't answer the above questions for you, but we have a solution which makes all of them irrelevant. Digital Shortcut Inc. LPCprog efficiently programs LPC ARMs using LPC built-in flash loader. It is able to retrieve serial numbers from the central server, and cannot be "hacked" by design. Our control of serial port and related signals is far superior to any PC running flash programming software company. We can program when "others can't". Master images can be stored on write protected SD card so you know what it programs. There is no maintenance, no OS updates, no viruses ...


Feature Description
  • • automatic operation
  • • detects new blank target device
  • • qualifies new blank target device
  • • retrieves serial number/options from the server
  • • programs flash with image from SD card
  • • detects device removal
  • • reports to the server success or failure
  • picture placeholder
  • • ARM7 microprocessor.
  • • 10/100MB Ethernet connection with very small network load
  • • RS232 or TTL level programming interface
  • • Micro SD card for flash image storage
  • • Status by human voice annunciator
  • • Status LEDs
  • Supported
  • • LPC2103 LPC2104 LPC2105 LPC2106 LPC2114 LPC2119
  • • LPC2124 LPC2129 LPC2131 LPC2132 LPC2134 LPC2136
  • • LPC2138 LPC2141 LPC2142 LPC2144 LPC2146 LPC2148
  • • LPC2194 LPC2210 LPC2212 LPC2214 LPC2290 LPC2292
  • • LPC2294 LPC2364 LPC2366 LPC2368 LPC2378 LPC2458
  • • LPC2468
  • ph
  • • Secure Network Connection
  • • One button programming
  • • Operation logging to SD Card
  • • Up-loadable programming statistics
  • Power
  • • 5V from universal (100V - 230V )power adapter
  • • Total power consumption from 110V: 3W
  • Only $189,   call us to order


       Reliable * Small * Portable * Inexpensive * Easy to use

  • • 5.0" x 3.0"
  • • 12" input wires
  • • 5' USB cable

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