Who are we?

Digital Shortcut Inc. mission is to deliver low cost, but versatile and powerful, easy-to-use design and development platforms for embedded and network oriented applications (embedded ethernet). We aim to reduce start-up effort and time to market; from the concept through a prototype to final product. Our expertise in microprocessors, FPGAs and the manufacturing process ensures that the difficult task of designing embedded project from scratch or redesigning the old stuff is not "so risky" anymore.

Our favorite "Shortcuts"

Shortcut #1: DS2148WZ (ARM7 with Fast Network Processing Unit)

NXP LPC2148 and WIZnet W5300 Combo.
Feel the power of a duo ARM7 and WIZnet W5300. W5300 brings to ARM7 128 KBytes of network buffers and fast, easy to comprehend hardwired TCP/IP stack letting you to focus on your application. Our implementation of HTTP server serves the page you are reading now in 60ms and in the same time doesn't load the CPU that much. We measured 2.4MByte/s download speed and 2.0MByte/s upload speed. All peripherals and interrupts of LPC2148 are available for you.
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Shortcut #2: DSX50WZ (Spartan-3 FPGA with Fast Network Processing Unit)

Xilinx Spartan-3(XC3S50AN) and WIZnet W5300 Combo.
Amazing! The smallest Spartan-3AN capable of speedy 8 MBytes/s upload (HTTP POST) and 4.8 MBytes/s download (HTTP GET), doesn't require any external memory to serve this very page (16 files/ 200 packets). Our demo HTTP server runs on PicoBlaze leaving 2/3 of Spartan resources available to you. No need for heavy IP modules, DDR's, OS and 8-layer PCB.
Connect your VHDL/Verilog code to the net instantly!
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Shortcut #3: Web Server/Gateway for Synapse-wireless SNAP network

coming soon
Coming soon - end of August.
It gives a "face" to your SNAP network. Works with PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and pads, Symbian phones and even Kindle. No special app needed. Combines power of Google Web Toolkit (GWT) with protobuf like definition of data format and code generation.
GWT and AJAX go embedded for the first time!
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Shortcut #4: Wireless SMD Oven Profiler

coming soon
Coming soon - end of August.
The first in LabWeb™ and HouseWeb™ wireless sensors family geared for laboratory/factory monitoring and automation. Based on RF100 Synapse Wireless module. Measures and records temperature from two K-type thermocouples. Requires our WebServer/Gateway.
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